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Pandemic as Integral City Practice: Findhorn AQAL

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Pandemic as Integral City Practice: Findhorn AQAL

This workshop explores calming practices and resources from the four quadrants of reality used in the Findhorn Community during the pandemic months of 2020/21. They include:
• All Quadrants – Finding a Road to Calm Through the Quadrants in Findhorn
• Upper Left Intentional – Islands of Calm – a Findhorn Meditation for VUCA Times
• Upper Right Behavioral – The Flash of the Phoenix Tail – Responses to Findhorn Lockdown Policies
• Lower Left Cultural – Phoenix Rising as Findhorn Community Spirit When Life Conditions Challenge Life
• Lower Right Systems/Structures – Findhorn’s Web of Structures and Infrastructures of Care

Throughout 2020 and into 2021 in the Findhorn Spiritual Ecovillage has felt the global ripple effects of the covid pandemic, climate change, social injustice, migratory displacements, the impacts of Brexit disconnections and the election violence in the US.

Is it possible to find inner and collective calm amongst the seemingly unceasing outer threats to our existence? I will explore some Integral City practices through the options that four-quadrant perspectives have brought to Findhorn.

About Marilyn Hamilton:

Marilyn Hamilton PhD Founder Integral City Meshworks; author Integral City Book Series, co-host Cities Rising for Regenerative World/Humanity Rising & curator Urban Hub 20, City Change in VUCA World co-evolves human hives as Gaia’s Reflective Organs. She designs courses & degrees for Citizens, Civic Managers, Biz/Innovators, 3rd Sector. She is/was member/director, CEO, COO, CFO and CIO in the private and NFP sectors including Integral Europe Academic Consortium.

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