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The Pain and the Promise

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Presentation: The Pain and the Promise

The core of our current human crisis is a breakdown in our relationship to ourselves, each other and the Earth. We have forgotten who we are. How did that happen? This presentation will use the Spiral Dynamics model to show where it all went wrong and what the work is to re-align our individual and collective development, unlocking the promise of transcognitive co-creation with the subtle realms of reality.
In essence, when we moved from 3 million years of experiential, pre-cognitive inter-being as hunter-gatherers (Spiral Dynamics Beige-Purple) to the emergence of the sense of separate self (ego, Spiral Dynamics Red), we (initially in the West) were unable to transcend and include our past, and instead transcended and repressed it. This has led to thousands of years of rootless development, a forgetting that we are the Earth, which enabled the objectification of the natural environment and lead us to do what have done to each other and the rest of life on this planet.
As Ken Wilber says in Up from Eden, “It is one thing to gain freedom from nature, emotions, instincts, and environment – it is quite another to alienate them. The Western ego did not just gain its freedom from the Great Mother; it severed its deep interconnectedness with her.”
This lead to an unbridled expression of the ego (Red) disconnected from its context (Beige-Purple) and leading to an overly authoritative and dominating control system (Blue). Join me to explore how we fix this fundamental issue.

About Peter Merry:

I play different roles as I look to live a purposeful life on our planet in transition. From helping to lead social enterprises, supporting other leaders and their organisations, developing new philosophies, trying to communicate what I am seeing through books, talks and courses, applying some of the latest consciousness and energetics practices, to attempting to live as balanced a life as possible with my wonderful family and friends – it’s an unfolding story of being human at this time.

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