Jon Skelton Pearson

(United Kingdom)

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The Embodied Megatribe: Yellow Rose/Green Thorn

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The Embodied Megatribe: Yellow Rose/Green Thorn

What is going to ignite the Second Tier Revolution? Personally, my money is on what I call the Embodied Metatribe, a choir of voices singing from the mouths of neotantrikas, body psychotherapists and the Sex Positive movement amongst others. They sing of embodiment, intimacy, connection, authenticity, prana, trauma, sexuality and consent.
This Metatribe manifest a fascinating combination of Precious Me Mean Green meme and Second Tier worldcentric flex/flow characteristics.
In this experiential workshop, I will present my observations on the Embodied Metatribe and introduce you to some simple exercises to help you tune into your body.
I will also be resurrecting the concept of the Centaur, Ken Wilber’s original guardian at the threshold of post-conventional development.

About Skelton Pearson Jon:

Jon Skelton Pearson began a love affair with the work of Ken Wilber when he began his practice of yoga in 1983 at the age of 24. He is a Certified Integral Psychotherapist (Mark Forman) and an Asssociate Life Coach (Integral Coaching Canada). He has also had extensive trainings in yoga, Buddhism, Classical Tantra and Transactional Analysis. He is a member of John Hawken’s (neotantric) Paths of Transformation Teaching Faculty.

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