Martin Ucik

(USA, Germany, Turkey)

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Integral Singles Events at IEC

Co-Creating Integral Relationships workshop

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Integral Singles Events at IEC

It is no secret that many integral singles yearn to be in a love relationship with an equal and opposite partner. Alas, we have very few opportunities to meet compatible 2nd tier people in our day to day lives. And if we do, they are often clients or patients that are off-limits.
So there is no shame in having a secret hope or even open agenda to find/attract a life partner at a conference like IEC.
In fact, I know of several Integral couples who met by chance or fate at such events.
However, flirting or “hitting” on people can be awkward, embarrassing, and even inappropriate, and many of us are introverts who don’t even try.
To help out Cupid a bit to find the right people for his arrows, and to give interested singles a chance to get to know each other in a safe, playful and relaxed way, the IEC team has invited me to facilitate interactive integral singles events on the main days of the conference right after lunch.
In our zoom meeting, we will start with a guided meditation about what we want to co-create with a partner at the level of all seven chakras. This will be followed by paired in-to-me-you-see exercises, and an activity in which the participants will give answers to yes-no dating questions by moving into separate zoom rooms. At the end of each singles event, you will have a good sense of who you would like to get to know better. You can then confidentially share their names with me and we will let you know if there is a mutual interest.

Co-Creating Integral Relationships

Join our workshop for singles and couples. Introspect, practice, experience and share how you can realize your highest human potential through co-creating an Integral Love Relationship in all quadrants at the level of your 7 chakras with an equal and opposite partner who shares your biological, growth, and transcendental purpose by balancing and harmonizing your healthy feminine and masculine polarities.
– Explore your co-creative energy at each of your seven chakras.
– Identify your biological, growth, and transcendental purpose.
– Shift from need-based, asymmetrical, transactional love, to inter-becoming-based, symmetrical, transcendental Love.
– Create a practical roadmap to co-creating a love Relationship with your Integral soulmate in all dimensions of your being that makes the world a better place.

To say it humbly with Wilber’s words: “Martin has continued his ground-breaking work in applying Integral Theory to the whole complex issue of relationships. It is fully grounded in Integral Theory, and continues adding new, interesting, and relevant material to it, to bring a truly up-to-date overview of today’s relationships and how to make them work from the very highest potentials possible. Given the fractured and fragmented state of relationships as they exist now, nothing is more important for today than a truly comprehensive and inclusive and leading-edge guide. Highly recommended for men and women alike who are looking for a relationship today that will work.

About Martin Ucik:

Martin is an Author, Trainer, and Consultant who supports singles and couples in co-creating healthy integral love relationships. He moved to California in the 90s where he trained with Eckhart Tolle as a group facilitator and later became an avid student of Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy. This allowed him to integrate his multicultural relationship experiences into his books “Integral Relationships” and “Sex Purpose Love”, which Wilber calls terrific and groundbreaking. He currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey and teaches online and facilitates experiential workshops locally and worldwide.

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