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Integrating psychedelic states into stable stages


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Integrating psychedelic states into stable stages

After an introduction to psychedelics and their integration, I will offer a powerful integration practice (no experience required). 
I’ll first speak about psilocybin in particular, and its potential for personal and collective growth and healing. The presentation will then focus on the integration process we developed at Guided Tripping. To support people in leveraging their psychedelic state experience to kickstart stage development in their day-to-day life, all aspects of Integral Life Practice are represented.
As a participant, you are then invited into a practice that uses a form of guided poetry writing to beautifully and surprisingly express deep subconscious layers of a relevant theme or difficult emotion in your life. Whether you’ve had a psychedelic experience or not, the resulting poem can become part of your increased awareness and choice around this topic. 

About Miriam van Groen

Intentional psychedelic trip guide. After several years of teaching and coaching in higher education, a burn-out kicked off a journey of self-compassion resulting in a stage shift and a career shift. I now guide self-aware but stuck people who want to leverage a psychedelic experience for their personal (stage) development. I am a board member of the Dutch professional association for psychedelic facilitators, Guild of Guides, aimed at ensuring ethical, high-quality services.

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