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Integral language learning

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Integral language learning

The importance of foreign language learning is paramount all your life. How can you make the learning process more conscious and efficient? It is the aim of my presentation to give a complex picture of the efficient learning methods and practical techniques all placed in Wilber’s integral theory.
Firstly, the four quadrants are discussed while plenty of factors are taken into consideration and given a place in the quadrant appropriate for each of them. The most essential quadrant is the subjective one (I) which acts as the principal focus in the second part of my presentation.
Secondly, I present different kinds of learning techniques positioned on each stage of consciousness. I have a motto – „The better you know yourself, the more efficiently you can broaden your knowledge of the world and the better you can learn.” Although I mention a few tips for learners on the first five levels as well, my main focus is on level seven where special areas can be involved in the learning process such as astrology, mind control and so forth.
To sum up, seeing the tools of efficient language learning positioned in Wilber’s quadrants and on the different levels of development leads you to a better understanding of the learning process in which you have the possibility to take part consciously. The integral perspective offers a guideline to the comprehension of the numerous factors that contribute to the success of conscious learners.

About Horkics Edina Magdolna

As I am not only a language teacher but a student at the Integral Academy in Hungary too, my main field of interest is efficient learning by means of spirituality and self-knowledge. After getting to know my students, I choose the methods that are appropriate for their levels of development.


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