BERG, Analesa

(United States)

Title of contribution:

Creation Vibration: Kabbalah Wisdom in Modern Times

Where & when:


Tuesday, May 26th, 14:00 – 15:30

Presentation: Creation Vibration: Kabbalah Wisdom in Modern Times

As it is the evolutionary impulse that serves all life, how can we be agents of change and engage with sparks of vibration to support healing and evolution in ourselves and our world? Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, provides clues. In this workshop we will move through joyful and transformational experiences using Analesa’s Alphabet of Vibration® as a foundation. These images, created in 30 days of silence, transcend and include the power of traditional Hebrew letters by enveloping them in multi-dimensional, inter-spiritual mandalas that amplify and uplift.

Held in sacred space, you will be introduced to A Brief History of Everything Kabbalah (in 15 minutes or less) to demonstrate how this mystical system is inextricably linked with awakening consciousness, creativity, and healing (UR). You will then have the opportunity to reach higher and deeper states of awareness by personally interacting with the symbols (UL), drenching yourself in meditative sound and expressive arts (UL), and engaging in collective presencing conversations (LL). Analesa will then lead the group in a collective healing visualization to transform holocaust energies that are held in the land that hosts us (LR). Thank you for choosing to engage in this important and joyful work.

About Analesa Berg:

I am the steward of The Alphabet of Vibration® Keys of Genesis, 24 multi-dimensional images I was guided to create in 30 days of silence. I’ve had an international career in cross-cultural consulting, transpersonal psychology, healing arts, & hosting conscious leadership circles. I honor the lineage of my ancestors in new, creative ways through my work. I enjoy contributing to projects that transform generational trauma, awaken consciousness & support a bright future for all.

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