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Reconstructive, a new dimension

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Presentation: Reconstructive, a new dimension

Reconstructive is a new method, a new way of learning and developing consciousness. Carola Castillo created it out of the work of Bert Hellinger, shamanic influences from the Amazone-area and old and new wisdom from different sciences and religions. It is the body-experience of an altered state of consciousness. Like a deep meditation or a state of trance but in movement and interaction with a small group. In this process the body receives information and finds solutions for emotional blockages or unsolved issues. It integrates insights and strength. Our potential as human beings is far bigger than we realize. As children we learned how to adapt. We carry negative images, fear and blocked emotions. Somehow we lost connection to our core. We can’t feel the full potential of our strength. In Reconstructive our perception changes. Our awareness grows. We receive information about what is ‘bigger than myself’, ‘bigger than this life’.

About Bart De Coninck:

Bart De Coninck (°1963, Belgium). Doctor, Psychotherapist, Facilitator and teacher in Systemic work and Reconstructive. He’s the founder of Eigenkleur, a group practice for therapy and center for the development of consciousness. He facilitates workshops for men and different training programs in Reconstructive. He’s the director of Reconstructive School Belgium, the Belgian branch of RIIHS (Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School), created by Carola Castillo

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