ÁGNES, Berecz


Title of contribution:

Inner Pathways Toward Sustainability

Where & when:

Shamanic – Yurt

Saturday, May 30th, 15:30 – 18:00

Workshop: Inner Pathways Toward Sustainability

How does change happen in a person toward living mindfully on Earth?
How can we deeply connect with the whole web of Life?
How can we nurture communities to create regenerative cultures?
How can we find nourishment in NATURE on a spiritual, psychological and cultural level?
Following the Integral Ecology’s four quadrants, we focus on individual and collective practices, the terrain of experiences (subjective realities) and the terrain of cultures (intersubjective realities).
This experiential workshop explores practices that brings a shift in one’s perspective and can support our commitment to a Life Sustaining Society*. We will learn practices to heal the three divides*, to build connection to NATURE, ourSelves and the whole of society.
*Terms from Joanna Macy and Otto Scharmer

About Ágnes Berecz:

Ági has a professional background in non-formal adult learning for sustainability. Inspired by ecopsychology and integral ecology her interest shifted to explore and support personal transformation towards a life-sustaining society. She initiated a European learning partnership called Inner Pathways to Sustainability. She is also founder of an international social enterprise, the Mother Nature community, providing tools for professionals supporting mothers with Nature-based learning.

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