WICHERS, Bettina


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ILP for conscious ageing

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ILP for conscious ageing

Is it different, an Integral Life Practice for conscious ageing from the “regular” ILP? And what does it mean to live well in a process we call life and that will end with something we call death? How can we live conscious in a process of decline? What are the needs of the individual consciousness in the process of ageing, and can they leed us to becoming more and more aware of a higher consciousness?

In this workshop we will go together through the four quadrants of ageing, through some lines of development which are involved, and some aspects how different types can experience this process. We practice short methods and will share our experiences with that, what the process of ageing can bring with it. We will try to identify our manifest, subtle and causal perspective on ageing, and will get some insights what can be done to live an more and more declining lifetime in an conscious, accepting and hopefully joyful way.

About Bettina Wichers:

Trainer and Coach, experienced in the field of dementia, doing research
and working as a consultant with an integral approach on dementia,
using the integral map and developmental models. Scientific education in
Gerontology (M.Sc.) and Pedagogy (diploma). Scientific Associate at the
Faculty of Social Work at the University of Cottbus (Germany), lecturer
at the University of Göttingen (Germany).

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