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Holacracy®: Encoding Teal into your Organizations

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Presentation: Holacracy®: Encoding Teal into your Organizations

Reports about the state of the modern workplace reveal the management hierarchy’s failure to unleash the potential of the people working within it. An overwhelming number of employees feel disengaged, disempowered, and disconnected from both colleagues and their organization’s purpose. The efforts of even the most enlightened leaders are all too often hampered by the constraints of the outdated system in which they operate. How, then, can forward-thinking leaders fundamentally resolve the systemic issues that limit their organization’s potential? Teal principles and practices hold promise, but many organizations aspiring to “go Teal” struggle with the gridlock that can plague flat management or consensus-driven decision-making. Brian Robertson, the founder of HolacracyOne, offers an inside look at Holacracy – a practical, customizable framework for self-organizing. In Holacracy-powered companies, every team member gains a voice in evolving the structure and workflow of their team. In addition, each individual holds real authority to act as the “CEO of their role,” making meaningful decisions without battling politics or power games. Today, over 1,000 companies around the world are using Holacracy to make Teal principles a reality within their organizations.

Workshop: Holacracy®: Encoding Teal into your Organizations

This interactive workshop, facilitated by Holacracy pioneer Brian Robertson, will be broken into three parts:

1. A deeper discussion on the nuances of Holacracy practice

2. Group breakout sessions, during which Brian will connect with participants and explore their questions and ideas

3. Question and answer session

Whether your organization is just beginning to consider going Teal, or you’ve been self-organized for years, this workshop will leave you with a deeper understanding of the principles of Holacracy — and how to start ditching gridlock and energizing your organization’s purpose.

About Brian Robertson:

 Brian Robertson is the world’s foremost expert on Holacracy, a revolutionary framework for self-managing organizations. After years as CEO of an award-winning software company, he co-founded HolacracyOne to share this innovative method with other organizations. The Holacracy framework integrates the collective wisdom of individuals throughout an organization and offers a toolset for each person to enact meaningful change at any level of work. The result is increased transparency, greater accountability, constant innovation, and agility across the company. Holacracy is used by over 1000 companies today – in healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, technology, nonprofit and government sectors and in places as diverse as Dubai, Shanghai, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, New York, Bangalore, Las Vegas and rural Africa. Brian is thrilled to see this method take root and grow with such force. Brian is the author of the book Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World. He speaks at conferences, holds trainings and consults for organizations across the globe.

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