Christine, Baser Habib

(United States)

Title of contribution:

The heroine’s journey; women’s courage and voices

Where & when:

Toscana II.

Saturday, May 30th, 16:45 – 18:00


Workshop: The heroine’s journey; women’s courage and voices

The Heroine’s Journey: Women’s Courage and Integral Voices. Using integrally-informed processes, we will explore women’s sense of self and their world. The Heroine’s Journey is an archetype that will serve as a background for exploring the unique perspectives of women. The focus of this workshop will be developing co-creative conversations to enhance the voice of women. How do women show-up with each other, with their larger community, and in the world at large? What risks must be taken to create the vibrant ownership and leadership of the feminine voice? AQAL provides a template for learning about female styles, influence, and energy, both individually and collectively. This workshop will help develop an understanding of interior, exterior, cultural and systemic influences in your own heroine’s journey, and how you relate to the larger feminine zeitgeist. A brief review of Spiral Dynamics and AQAL models will be followed by small and large group conversations in a world-cafe format. Conversations will be followed by discussion to promote a deeper connection with uniquely feminine archetypes and interpersonal styles. States of body, mind, soul and unity spirit will be manifested as participants relate to feminine values and state experiences. Marilyn Hamilton’s article (Where are the Women? Saging the Invisible into the Visible, 2011) provides rich themes on women’s Integral voices. It will be referenced to pose questions of our future and becoming change agents.

About Christine Baser Habib:

Christine Baser Habib, R.N., Ph.D. applies Integral Theory in her practice of clinical psychology. She specializes in working with people who have chronic illness and complex grief. An interest in the female psyche has led her to explore the Spiral stages of women’s influence, women’s development and leadership, and how women voice their AQAL experiences. Christine has been active in San Diego Integral, providing hospitality and presentations on Integral topics.

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