Title of contribution:

Complexity from the Inside

Where & when:

Marbella I. (Leadership and Power Shift)

Sunday, May 31st, 11:30 – 13:30 

Presentation: Complexity from the Inside

We hear a lot about the increase of complexity and the need to manage organisations in a VUCA world. Complexity theory/science is getting a lot more attention in academia and business in recent years. But what about the inner dimension, how could we connect these concepts and sometimes abstract notions to an embodied experience?

The focus of this experiential process (workshop) is to actually embody different levels of complexity. We explore our ability to be at ease (or not) with complexity and to observe/perceive what occurs in our different bodies (physical and energetic bodies). We will also explore complexity as experienced from within different development stages/value systems. Finally we exchange our different insights for further meaning making and scaffolding, both individually and what that could mean for our collective operating in the world.

About Collin Bootsveld:

Senior Expert on embedding new technologies in organizations. Practical applier of integral principles. There is no lack of available solutions, but implementation is slow, due to oversimplification and not recognising actual complexity.
In my work, I bring those type of solutions to where they are needed. This may still require engineering and research but then allowing for the complexity/depth of the situation at hand and listening also to the signals from the periphery of the system

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