Title of contribution:

Revealing Golden Shadow

Where & when:

 Marbella II. (Shadow)

Thursday, May 28th, 16:45 – 18:00

Workshop: Revealing Golden Shadow

Shadow… what can we find there? Suppressed negative thoughts and feelings, like pain, fear, anger, agression – and a lot of undiscovered beauty, joy, courage, power, connection! In this workshop our golden shadow will be in the focus. We will use our bodies, our authentic voice and artistic expression to discover, unfold and express some of our hidden potentials.
Bodywork group therapy is a kind of dance and movement therapy, working with movement, connection and touch, developed in Hungary over the last decades. It focuses on both intrapersonal and interpersonal dimensions, in order to reach past experiences that have their traces in our bodies – and finding new experiences to express ourselves in a more authentic way. In this workshop we will combine bodywork with authentic voice practices and art therapy.
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AboutI ldikó Császár Rozsovits:

As a psychologist, working with individuals and groups, I prefer using altered mindstates and nonverbal methods, like hypnotherapy, art therapy and bodywork group therapy, in order to reach the deepest parts of our shadows and the highest understanding of our true nature. They are so close to each-other…

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