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Saturday, May 30th, 2020
20:30 – 23:00

Special Case: Firewalk

All over this little globe, people have firewalked for thousands of years in thousands of different rituals, the only reason why people would firewalk in so many different ways, in so many different cultures, is because it works. That doesn’t mean it works physically, it works internally. Firewalking quickens the human spirit and allows us to grasp awareness about reality that is very difficult to come by in the other way, in our current social structure.”
– Peggy Dylan (sundoor Institute of transpersonal education),
Let’s be led by our hearts and share it with the world and the integral community.
This is your invitation to join the Firewalk Ceremonie on the IEC!
We all will share this extraordinary experience in order to take a moment to stand still and unfold what really drives you as an individual and what connects you to the Integral Community
After intense days full of knowledge, insights and discoveries, this special celebration, with sacred wisdom from our ancestors, combined with today’s science and understanding, offers you the present moment of reflection and joy, in order to close the gap between knowledge and experience.
The firewalk at the IEC will be a ceremonie of joy, love and connection with others. From a personal journey of constant transformation to a collective one, using the fire to give us all the space to grow and contribute to the world.
An individual journey from knowing to feeling to being in order to awaken the integral community spirit.

About Dimitri Tops:

Dimitri Tops is CEO of Tops Consulting, Belgium and an Entrepreneur that never settles for less than 300 %. He is Sakahan Instructor, certified by Peggy Dylan from the Sundoor Institute of Transpersonal Education. The passion to turn vision into reality drives him since 15 years. From Human Ressource to Human Talent. Together with the whole team he wants to share the empowerment spirit with the world.

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