EMICH, Szabolcs


Title of contribution:

Integral Coaching in the Heart of Organizations

Where & when:

Marbella I. (Leadership and Power Shift)
Sunday, May 31st, 11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Integral Coaching in the Heart of Organizations

From 2018 to 2019 the German ministry for Education and Research mandated the imu Augsburg GmbH with the project KMUdigital in small and middle-sized manufacturing companies. In this project, we have developed the map “Digital Change” and with the e-learning platform blink.it we have designed, implemented and tested a course that enables you to build up coaching competence in your own company. The aim is to train integral coaches (who are really called that) who can look integrally at the situation in their daily work and who know how to become active (get in touch, talk at the appropriate value level, endure and resolve conflicts, create connections, listen,…). In medium-sized companies, approx. 6 coaches (different hierarchical levels) were trained in parallel in order to have a real handle. We use the map of digital change as a common model of thought since all coaches are entrusted with projects dealing with digitalisation projects. The map creates a common understanding of social phenomena without losing sight of corporate development. By the equal inclusion of the left quadrants, coaching is thus a kind of natural implicitness in the development process of the enterprises. Comment: The model is currently being translated into English and can be made available to the participants at the conference.

About Szabolcs Emich:

His capacity to research and sense the future firstly realized in founding the first e-learning company in the region. From 1995 he has begun to change ecosystems and consciousness level of involved people in fields like remote work, homebirth, communication in schools and alternative schooling systems.

Specialties: Biography work, Threefolding, U.process, Art of Hosting, training design, Agile, company culture, Reinventing Organizations, change management…

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