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Title of contribution:

An integral approach to bioregional regeneration

Where & when:

 Play Room
Saturday, May 30th, 11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: An integral approach to bioregional regeneration

Alain first invites participants to inquire into bioregional regeneration as a movement that proposes a clear alternative to the dominant global development paradigm and its dire consequences for the planet and humanity. He illustrates some key design elements of capacity building initiatives that are beginning to guide the evolution of regional communities toward greater health and resilience, and points to where they fit in the four quadrants and on the developmental continuum. Such elements include: actively dealing with grief and trauma, embracing the many worlds that co-exist locally, deep listening for emergence, cultivating regenerative mindsets, learning to “live in place”, learning from the developmental history, system mapping, cultivating meshwork knowledge, applying “Theory U” cycles of engagement, cultivating multi-group experiences, learning by regenerating.
He then explores how an integral framework and strategy called GALE (Generative Action-Learning Ecosystem) can be used in helping a city and its region grow its capacity for regenerative development – by engaging an initial cohort of various stakeholders to become “evolutionary architects” who can seed new organizing principles and generative C work in their own organization and in cross-sectoral action-learning projects. He shares some experiments under way in the Pacific Northwest that could inspire other bioregions in the world to navigate their own metamorphosis and be in the service of all life.

About Alain Gauthier:

An international facilitator, coach, educator and author, Alain is dedicated to support the conscious evolution of pioneering communities and regions. An HEC Paris graduate, Stanford MBA, and former McKinsey consultant, he has served for 50 years a wide range of clients on four continents. He authored the eBook ‘Actualizing Evolutionary Co-leadership – To Evolve a Creative and Responsible Society’, has contributed to five other books on leadership development, and teaches at Paris II University

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