GEIKEN, Bettina


Title of contribution:

Workshop: Integral and Metamodern Politics

Fascia-connecting gross/subtle body with the Field

Complexity from the Inside

Where & when:

Wednesday, May 27th, 16:45 – 18:00

Play Room
Wednesday, May 27th, 09:00 – 10:30

Marbella I. (Leadership and Power Shift)
Sunday, May 31st, 11:30 – 13:30

Integral and Metamodern Politics

The “Leadership for Transition (LiFT) – Politics” project is a EU-funded Strategic Partnership (Erasmus+) exploring political innovations and pioneers in collaborative, co-creative deliberation and decision-making based on integral and meta-modern paradigms. In the first part of the workshop, we will share some of LiFT’s approaches and insights with regard to the foundations, principles and resources of integral/meta-modern politics, as well as methodological tools used for supporting next-stage political cultures and practices.
The second part of the workshop will be interactive and co-creative, inviting participants to contribute to LiFT’s process of mapping integral/meta-modern political innovations from different contexts and to test out pioneering approaches and tools in a lab setting.

Fascia-connecting gross/subtle body with the Field

The “Fascia” are central to the perception of the inner movement. The perception of the inner movement, at the same time, represents an interface between the physical, energetic body and the field phenomena, if one approaches this phenomenon with the necessary attention and mindfulness:
In this workshop, we will explore and experiment with of how we can use our body and in particular the fascia as antennas for subtle impulses and intuition. The more permeable the body is, the easier subtle impulses from the field propagate in our Body-Mind system and the impulse from intuition can be perceived more clearly. At the same time, we relax and need much less energy to move the body. We will focus on
a) conscious attention to the fine movements and the perception of micro-changes in the body
b) the perception of the very subtle impulse for movement, which is independent of conscious or mind-oriented control of a movement
c) tensintegrity and the perception of the globality of the movements. The greater the globality of the movements, the less powerful are possible emotions and the more quickly they integrate.
d) the response of the fascia to thoughts and intentions as well as their role as an antenna for transpersonal vibrational phenomena (direct knowing, intuition, flow, etc.)

Complexity from the Inside

We hear a lot about the increase of complexity and the need to manage organisations in a VUCA world. Complexity theory/science is getting a lot more attention in academia and business in recent years. But what about the inner dimension, how could we connect these concepts and sometimes abstract notions to an embodied experience?

The focus of this experiential process (workshop) is to actually embody different levels of complexity. We explore our ability to be at ease (or not) with complexity and to observe/perceive what occurs in our different bodies (physical and energetic bodies). We will also explore complexity as experienced from within different development stages/value systems. Finally, we exchange our different insights for further meaning-making and scaffolding, both individually and what that could mean for our collective operating in the world.

About Bettina Geiken:

Facilitator, Coach, Social Architect as well as Project designer and Scientist. Interests: Adult development, Self/leadership; SDi, Cynefin complexity model, Sensemaker® applications in Politics
At ease with complexity, multiple perspectives, paradoxes and different maps and models of reality. Combining direct knowing/intuition with fact-based/technical information for sensemaking, trendspotting and to connect cocreators. Focused on
seeing solutions while seeking elegant simplicity

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