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Profound Shadow Work – Hand in hand with Body Work

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Marbella II. (Shadow)
Thursday, May 28th, 11:30 – 13:30 

Presentation: Profound Shadow Work – Hand in hand with Body Work

Our body is not just a taxi for our brain, but an integral part of the Self. We experience every moment through our senses and always act with the body – and our shadows manifest in it – mostly in the form of physical tensions and symptoms. This clearly shows that profound Shadow Work goes hand in hand with physical interventions, interactions and practice.

So, what does my body tell me about my shadows? And how can I accelerate Shadow Work with Body Work?

This presentation includes many examples out of our own practical experience, especially:

– How does the shadow influence your choice of body practices?
– Why and how do physiological manifestations and symptoms indicate Shadow?
– How can you accelerate Shadow Work with physical interventions?
– Which body regions and symptoms are linked to which emotions?

Be prepared that this presentation will touch your own shadow. Please do not attend if you don’t have an active integral life practice or are willing to start one.

About Simon Grossen:

Simon works as a self-employed consultant, trustee and coach. He started his practice in 2012 by joining an Integral Bodywork course. Many retreats, deep practice and co-leading shadow groups followed. In 2018 he founded the IntegralWorks AG with his fellow friends to establish conscious business in organizations and leadership. He is board member of the IntegralCH Cooperative and member of the leading team of Integrales Leben. At the IEC he is an active creator and supporter of the Shadow Track

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