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Teal Org – How the Integral Map gets you there

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Presentation: Teal Org – How the Integral Map gets you there

The aim of this workshop is to develop a new understanding of how change can unfold in organizations and how impulses for sustainable change can be set.

Participants learn about the benefit of the Integral Model for sustainable transformation. Through new personal experiences their perception is enhanced and they learn to set precise and purposeful change impulses for individuals, teams and organizations. They learn to understand the causes of problems instead of focusing on fighting symptoms.

The components of the map will be explained and the fundamentals and principles of integral organizational development discussed. This will be backed up by many examples such as Weleda, the European Commission, Daimler and others that show how universal this map is. It can be used in many different ways, works in all cultures and provides a very helpful common language to understand and communicate how you want to transform your organization and your culture.

Experience the consciousness levels of the human development through playful exercises and understand how the strengths of these consciousnesses build upon each other and how they show up at work . Our vision is that people evolve and stay within their organizations to inspire and initiate transformation. Our hub and our workshops can be seen as a home base for evolutionary people to meet and support each other.

The map is available in digital format and 14 languages and can be individualized and used for assessments.

About Silvia Hagen:

Silvia Hagen has been consulting companies internationally for over 20 years, is the author of several technical books and is part of the agile community since many years. She has an education in systemic and integral organizational development and is a regular speaker at conferences. She works with people, teams and organizations to develop new and holistic forms of collaboration. Her main quest in life is to find out how consciousness works. She loves people who think out-of-the-box.

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