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Growth That Matters Manifesto

The Glass Bead Game

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Ibiza II.
Sunday, May 31st, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
14:00 -17:00 

Growth That Matters Manifesto

Growth That Matters Manifesto – a draft…

We have a shared challenge. Our technological power has been increasing exponentially, but our ability to use it wisely has not.

We are mastering the tools of outer growth, building vast and complex civilizations, yet that very complexity is in danger of overwhelming us, creating huge and unintended consequences for all people and the planet. We urgently need to master and systematically apply the tools of inner growth, to meet this shared challenge of ours.

A growing movement of psychologists, practitioners, academics and business leaders have concluded that a crucial element in meeting this challenges of our time is to make this inner growth a priority in all areas of our societies.

We need to help each other develop resilience, capability and wisdom to navigate this brave new world.

This will benefit everyone: individuals will gain more agency and purpose in their lives, businesses can empower their employees to be more independent and take holistic decisions, and societies at large can learn to collaborate better, evolve towards greater wisdom and mutual understanding.

This is the growth that matters.

– Join us in this journey of exploration and co-creation. How can we explain inner growth in simple way? Are there models and principles that can be useful when communicating which skills we all need to build? Would it be possible for us to agree on global “Inner Developmental Goals”?

The Glass Bead Game

The Glass Bead Game is a mode of playing with the total contents and values of our culture; it plays with them as, say, in the great age of the arts a painter might have played with the colors on his palette. All the insights, noble thoughts, and works of art that the human race has produced in its creative eras, all that subsequent periods of scholarly study have reduced to concepts and converted into intellectual values the Glass Bead Game player plays like the organist on an organ.”

/Hermann Hesse

The Glass Bead Game is the gamification of the truth process.

The truth process is the synergy of all perspectives into higher levels of simplexity.

The The Glass Bead Game offers a serious play structure for truth seekers to sincerely explore topics together.

Players choose a topic – a bead – and take time-limited turns – 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds – to improvise an unfiltered flow of co-creation. A great turn expresses the most truth in the smallest space, and intertwines closely with the previous turn.

The aim of the game is to develop conceptual clarity, deep listening, game awareness, post-ego interactivity, and rhetorical skill to best participate in the collective intelligence of humanity.

About Jan Artem Henriksson

Jan is one of the co-founders of SelfLeaders, a Nordic leadership development firm and Relate, a values based dating app. He is a board member at Ekskäret
Foundation in Sweden and head of the Though Leader Gatherings for Adult Development. Since 2010 he is part of the faculty of Stockholm School of Economics and a passionated co-creator, dancer and player of The Glass Bead Game – inspired by Hermann Hesse.

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