HOERÉE, Chris (Belgium)

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Basics of Shamanism & Nature Wisdom

Formation of a Community of Practice         

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 Shamanic – Yurt

Shamanic – Yurt
Thursday, May 29th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Basics of Shamanism & Nature Wisdom

In this Pre-conference Workshop, I will teach the basics of Shamanism & Nature Wisdom.
A foundation of shamanism is the belief that everything is energy, that all matter is animate, that everything in nature has a soul. We can communicate with Nature and all living creatures because we are part of Mother Earth.
Through grounding and via our body, we can re-establish our connection with the Earth and the Universe and come to inner silence. In this place of stillness we can access knowledge from the field and sharpen our intuition and our inner senses. We will experience a Trance Journey and explore the underworld in search for our Power animal. We will learn about the richness of the meaning of the 4 directions and the transformative power of the Medicine Wheel. We will experience the magic of Sacred ceremonies and learn how to apply them in our daily life.
The direct connection and dialogue with the natural surrounding of the lake and the earth under our bare feet, will make us feel home again, energized and inspired. Everything you need to start IEC2020!!

The Corporate Shaman

In this Talking Circle on “The Corporate Shaman”, we will share our experience on how we have been exploring the use of Shamanic practices, Nature wisdom & Ritual in organizations & business over the last years. It is in the application of Teal principles and Theory U in my work as a transformation coach that I (Chris Hoerée) found a space to integrate Ancient Wisdom and shamanic practices. I am now working actively with the Medicine wheel, Trance journeying, Talking Circles, Nature Retreats in the professional world of coaches & organizations. My co-contributor for this Talking Circle, Pascal Strauss (trainer and empowerment coach) implements Firewalks and other empowerment tools in large organizations and especially also for young people.
As our shared passion is to bring these powerful ancient practices into the contemporary world for the higher good of people and the Mother Earth, we want to invite everybody who wants to learn from our experiences and wants to share his or her explorations in this domain. In this way, we will be able to establish together a “toolkit for the Corporate Shaman”.
As this “presentation” is part of the Shamanic Track, it will be hold as a Talking Circle in the Yurt or outside. There will be no PPT or stand up presentations, we will practice the Dialogue format with talking stick, listening & speaking from the heart, ceremony and gratitude.

About Chris Hoerée

Chris Hoerée is curator of the first Shamanism, Nature Mysticism & Ecology TRACK of IEC2020. She is organization & systemic coach, clinical psychologist and shamanic counsellor. She helps individuals, teams & organizations to grow, to discover their higher purpose and go through major transformations. She is co-founder of EarthWays and guides Nature Retreats in Portugal & France. Her passion is to bring Nature Wisdom & Shamanism back into the contemporary world of individuals and organizations.

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