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The Path of the Heart & The Runes

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Shamanic – YurtFriday,
May 30th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Special Case: The Path of the Heart & The Runes

In “The Path of the Heart & The Runes”, Ragnar will listen to your spoken & unspoken stories, and give guidance for your journey, helping you to connect to your heart. He will read and translate the message of the Runes for the ones who are seeking answers. Those messages bring more understanding, clarity, light and love into people’s lives. Ragnar can sense the energies around people, he listens and speaks with his heart and soul. He teaches us how to listen, to trust and be guided by our inner voice. “Runes are magical symbols used my ancestors to guide the people. Beneath the symbol, the sign, there is a whole story. The Runes are magic keys to our subconscious, they can open doors and give unique possibility to communicate with the part of our inner selves that know the answers for our own personal journey through life.” Ragnar’s workshops & readings are intuitive, since he is connecting to a universal source of wisdom through the Runes. Instead of giving general teachings, Ragnar prefers to let the answers arrive when a question is being asked; and the right answer can only come if there is empty space in the mind. What he shares, is what you individually need to hear to advance on your path and get closer to your own heart. In this way, you can create empty space in your own mind and let your intuition guide you. Ragnar teaches us how to listen to our inner voice and be guided by our heart.

About Ragnar Johnson:

Ragnar Johnson is a gifted Runemaster, he can read and translate the Runes and the message they have for the people to bring more understanding, clarity, light and love into their life. He can sense the energies around people, listens to their stories, verbal and nonverbal. He listens and speaks from his heart and soul. As a Runemaster and Wisdom keeper of Norse spirituality, Ragnar gave workshops & teachings on international Shamanic Gatherings like Sundeer (HU) and Kiva (NL).

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