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Energy Language

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
09:00 – 12:00

Workshop: Energy Language

The origin of Energy Language
Centuries ago, an ancient shamanic lineage from the Mayans in Mexico investigated the interconnectedness between thought and matter, generating a means to unlock and access the natural power of thought. The Curanderos are alchemists. They have comprehensive knowledge concerning the structure of the subtle realms and the all encompassing web of life.
Sacred geometry
Energy Language is an initiation into „Sacred Geometry“, which consists of geometric shapes and colors. According to these teachings thoughts are vibrations of shapes and colors. We all use this language, yet subconsciously. The workshop will teach you how to apply this on a conscious level; consequently being able to change our own vibrational frequencies to those of places, and by doing so become the co-creators of our reality.
Initiatory teaching
During the workshop energetic spaces are created which provide the entire information of the workshop content through the subtle realms. At subconscious levels we learn to imitate and apply this energetic information. In computing, we would say that the information is downloaded from the energy field. This learning does not occur at an intellectual level; rather, it encompasses our whole being.
Drawing from inherent wisdom
Energy Language teaches us to manifest qualities within ourselves that we consequently can provide for others, qualities we otherwise would seek mostly in the outside world, like peace, love, trust, alignment.

About Puria Kaestele:

Since her early childhood, Puria felt connected to her being. An out of body experience and several other mystical experiences gave her a deeper understanding of our multidimensional reality. With her wish to support people in their well being and happiness, she chose a profession in the medical area, followed later by a great deal of training and education in alternative, shamanic and spirit healing methods, modern psychological and spiritual coaching and personal development techniques.

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