Title of contribution:

What makes constellation work integral?

Where & when:

Play Room
Friday, May 29th, 2020
15:30 – 16:45

Workshop: What makes constellation work integral?

A workshop for constellation facilitators to share their integral practices and experience in their work.

We are integral constellation facilitators, having developed our own methodology, which we are also teaching in our school in Budapest. We are combining constellation work with other methods (e.g. psychodrama, body- and somatic work, energetic work) depending on the client’s level of consciousness. We will present how we use the integral theory in our constellation work, and we are very curious about how you as an integral practitioner use constellation work in healing processes. We would like to provide the opportunity for demonstrations as well as discussions.

About Kemény Péter:

Péter Kemény Integral Coach and Constellation Facilitator. He is a teacher and school founder of Integral Constellation method with Nóra Bedő in Budapest. He specializes in family constellations and healing processes, working not only with family patterns, but also on karmic and collective levels. He co-facilitated the last two European constellations at IEC.

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