KUIPER,  Heleen


Title of contribution:

The Integral Approach to Self Organization

Where & when:

Marbella I. (Leadership and Power Shift)
Sunday, May 31st, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: The Integral Approach to Self Organization

CoreChange is specialized in helping organizations to develop in an integral way. We always check which stage is dominant in the organization (often using the RO map presented here in 2018 by Szabolcs Emich).

Together with the customer we analyse in which developmental lines interventions are most desired. We developed an approach for all 4 quadrants to bring the organization to the next stage.

Our experience is that organizations going towards self organization either focus on the left side (freedom, empowerment, no rules, living everyones potential) or only on the lower right side (structure). In both cases, the self organization is most likely not succesful.

We developed interventions to develop the mindset of the organization and the people to the next stage or to “repair” the stages that are not healthily developed. It often starts with making the paradigms in the organization explicit, because often they are unconsciously present.

We defined which skills and behaviour is necessary for adequate self organization and what you can do to develop them.

In the lower right quadrant we are fond of holacracy although we don’t stick to just holacracy. We always check what is needed in the actual situation.

We also work on the lower left side: the we space. Using methods such as Deep Democracy an others.

The interesting thing is that we succeed in translating the whole integral framework into language that people in organizations understand and can use.

About Heleen Kuiper:

Heleen Kuiper worked as project manager, team manager, coach and consultant in profit and non profit. In 2013 she started her own integral organizational development company and is always looking for ways to facilitate organizations to develop towards teal, while including all previous stages.

She is skilled in integral coaching, Theory U, Spiral Dynamicsholacracy, Deep Democracy and is a integral zen practitioner. Her expertise is translating integral into daily organizational practice.

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