LALOVIC, Ksenija


Title of contribution:

Integral approach in architectural education

Where & when:

Toscana I.
Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Integral approach in architectural education

Facing the contemporary global challenges of rapid urbanization requires the architects to have the capacities to innovate enabling the societal transformations with respect to environmental sustainability. These professional challenges gain extreme proportions within the post-socialist transitional societies, such as Serbia. The change in ideology initiated multiple systemic changes that influenced the decision making processes in urban development. The complexity of decision making in extreme economic liberalization within still inconsistent urban policy and regulatory framework disables the architects to effectively perform tasks in urban design and planning. The former socialist values of urban quality are diminished by the powerplays of economic driven decision-makers. Education of young architects through the Integral approach and AQAL model enables them to transit traditional and modern professional profile to a postmodern and integral, and to easily comprehend a new set of communicative and leadership competencies.

About Lalovic Ksenija:

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department for Urbanism, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Serbia. Head of the Master program of Integral Urbanism. Her professional career is focused on informed and sustainable strategic urban transformations, especially the development of ICT supported planning and collaborative methods, techniques and tools. She received a total of 23 national and international awards and recognitions for professional and mentor work.

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