LIN, Xuanyun


Title of contribution:

Integral Movement in China

Where & when:

Play Room
Saturday, May 30th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Integral Movement in China

In the presentation, firstly I am going to briefly introduce the history of integral movement in China which includes ancient Chinese medicine and the underpinning systemic & holistic thinking.
After that I will explain current development in various areas in China such as eastern-western wisdom synergized body-mind & constellation therapy innovations, alternative medicine, sustainable agriculture, Teal Orgnizations, Integral Psychology, Spiral Dynamics integral in China (Asia), and the nation as a whole.
At last, I will look into the future for the integral movement and its further development in China.

About Lin Xuanyun:

Born in 1975, father of two boys. Grew up in central province. Majored mechatronics in university. Nearly committed to suicide at the age of 20 due to severe mental disorder. 15 job shifts during first 2 years of career. Now own a consulting company that provides coaching & consulting service to local clients. First SDi practitioner in China.
Mission – to spread SDi in China so as to facilitate smoother transformations in multiple levels incl. individual, organizational & societal in future.

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