Title of contribution:

Integral Cooperation: Concept & Eurythmy Exercises

Where & when:

Play Room
Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
10:30 – 12:00

Workshop: Integral Cooperation: Concept & Eurythmy Exercises

Each level of consciousness brings new model of interactions between people.
After brief theoretical introduction describing these models and logic behind its evolution, we will dive into the practical exploration of the ways of social interactions using Eurythmy exercises.
Being the art of making the invisible visible, Eurythmy will help us to explore and reveal internal nature and external manifestations of our social self, experiencing it directly through the simple but deep group exercises. After modelling the existing and well-studied systems of social interactions, we will try to explore what is emerging on the front edge of consciousness and organizational development.
Then we will apply this experience and insights looking for the answers to the most actual practical questions, such as how Eurythmy can help to facilitate growing up both on individual and collective levels, how we can address ecological problems curing the shadow of Orange, and what is the most natural way to Teal.

About Lasha Malashkhia:

Since 2005 – professional eurythmist, associate professor of the Institute of Eurythmy in Working Life, Hague (Netherlands). Since 2014 – head of the Eurythmy Academy of Ukraine.
Actively conducts training courses using the art of Eurythmy in the social and business life.
Teacher at Waldorf School, member of the international «Shostakovich Eurythmy ensemble».
Master of Arts-Eurythmy (Alanus University, Germany), Master of Economics (Tbilisi University, Georgia). Studied music and actor’s art.

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