VICH, Marek

(Czech Republic)

Title of contribution:

Beyond teal organisations

Relational Mindfulness – exploring me- & we-space

Where & when:

Toscana II.
Saturday, May 30th 11:30 – 13:30

Ibiza II
Tuesday, May 26th, 14:00 -17:00

Beyond teal organisations

I will present several areas that I perceive as next steps of the evolution of our organisations beyond teal. Their areas include sharing wider evolutionary purpose and growing into bigger organisational hubs, implementation of a fractal structure and relating to the organisation as a living being. This is a point where evolution and involution meets. My presentation is based on my own organisational experience and it is also a synthesis of spiral dynamics, encode, holacracy and Steiner’s model of Social threefolding.

Relational Mindfulness – exploring me- & we-space

The workshop will give a taste of Relational Mindfulness Training (RMT), an evidence-based program that I have co-created and validated at the University of Economics in Prague. We will develop mindful awareness during dyadic and group interaction. We will also explore the domains of me-space and we-space as well as feelings, attitudes, needs and bodily states that emerge during the process. The workshop will be also an opportunity to share and clarify our intentions and expectations related to IEC 2020.

About Marek Vich

My main interest is to explore, apply and spread methods that support the evolution of human co-operation and co-living. I work as an assistant professor at the University of Economics in Prague where I focus on the teaching and research in management and mindfulness. I am also a co-creator of a few local self-organising projects. My other interests include Djing, Tibetan Buddhism, Druidism, cryptocurrencies, yoga, body-work and martial arts.

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