RASFELD, Margret


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A Paradigm change in school education

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Presentation: A Paradigm change in school education

Facing the huge global challenges we have to enable students to be globally responsible, innovative, emphathetic human beings with the potential and courage to act, in relationship self to self, self to others, self to our planet, used to take responsibility. As school-systems are full of triggers for competitive thinking a system change in education is a fundamental urgency. We tell about our experience in a school with paradigm change, pointing out the main success factors for the school in terms of pedagogical practice and work culture. Jamila Tressel, former student, give meaningful insights about the everyday school life. We also tell about the initiative school in transformation – “Schule im Aufbruch” – which is an actually powerful bottom up movement in Germany, Austria and Poland to support schools in transforming school mindset and culture focus so that young people can develop their potential to engage as change makers for social, fair, ecological, inclusive communities.

About Margret Rasfeld:

Margret Rasfeld pioneers a systematic change in how schools unfold students’ potential by radically putting them in charge of both their own education and of opening up schools to society. Having built a role model school herself, she now drives a larger shift towards innovation with a network of schools. She is effectively engaged in implementing Education for Sustainability in European schools. To have more impact she founded the initiative “schools in tranformation-Schule im Aufbruch

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