MCKAY, Jesse


Title of contribution:

The Path of Vertical Leadership

Where & when:

Play Room
Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Workshop: The Path of Vertical Leadership

The Path of Vertical Leadership’ is first of all, a path. ‘From where’ and ‘to where’ I can hardly say, because this path leads out of the darkness, into the light of This Moment, and then back into the darkness.

Our thinking minds are filled with ideas of who we are, who others are & what the world is. On this path we cultivate the capacity to objectify these habitual ways of seeing so that we might enter what professor Bill Torbert calls the state of ‘Action Inquiry’. Action Inquiry is both a description of the way of being of the Alchemist (Turquiose) level, and a practice to help cultivate the state, and eventually stage.

Secondly this path is about vertical growth. It fosters growth from the conventional levels of development – which mostly orient from internal mental maps – to post-convention levels – which slowly surrender the impulse to try to represent (apparently outer) reality, preferring to stay as present as possible and work in real time with things themselves, rather than with internal representations.

Because the term vertical sometimes carries life-denying assumptions, it is helpful to state that the verticality of this path leads more down – more fully into and as life – than up and out of anything.

Finally this is a path for leaders: Not leaders in the sense of your favorite hierarchical alpha males who tend to cultivate followers, but much more in the mold of Greta Thunberg who empowers others through her own stand for more beauty in the world.

About Jesse Mckay:

Jesse is a co-founder of MetaIntegral Academy and a member of Action Inquiry Associates. He has a degree in psychology and an MBA in corporate strategy. Jesse’s professional background includes engineer for systems on the International Space Station in Germany and France, management consultant in Russia, Canada and the USA, and integral retreat facilitator on 6 continents. He has been designing and facilitating integral leadership programs since 2006.

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