Milenković, Snežana


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Towards Ken Wilber’s Integral Weltanschauung

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Presentation: Towards Ken Wilber’s Integral Weltanschauung

In my practice as a university professor, researcher, as well as an integrative art psychotherapist and psychologist, I take a comprehensive approach, but I most often, unavoidably but also necessarily, focus on shadow work believing that no integral life practice is complete without some sort of shadow work. Our shadow can accompany us all the way to Enlightenment and/or Theosis (Divinization). As Ken Wilber said we already have a comprehensive map of ourselves and the brave new world within us. Therefore shadow work is the most important endeavor that precedes our own basic awareness – and our very identity itself, which spans the entire spectrum of consciousness, from the body to mind to soul to spirit, and thus in the deepest or highest part of us, we embrace the All, our own true selfless Self.

About Milenković Snežana:

Univ. Prof. Psychology and Psychotherapy; Founder, President of Serbian Society for Integrative Art Psychotherapy; Ex-president (1997-2009), now Honorary President of Serbian Union of Associations for Psychotherapy; member of European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), EAP Scientific Research Commitee, International Journal of Psychotherapy Editorial Board; holds the European Certificate for Psychotherapy; founding the International Center for Integral Health & Integral Psychotherapy 2020.

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