NELSON, Doshin

(United States)

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Whole Spectrum of Shadow Integration

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Presentationt: Whole Spectrum of Shadow Integration

The simple definition of individual shadow is the “me” I can’t see, and collective shadow is the “we” we can’t see. These unseen shadows profoundly impact our lives and relationships as they influence our states of mind and the structures of our personalities and sub-cultures. Ken Wilber defines Shadows as addictions and allergies in states and structures and what drives them. In order to see “what drives them,” Integral Zen explores karma, Attachment Theory, Reich’s character structures, chakras, preverbal trauma, shock and developmental trauma, developmental theories, instincts, archetypes, demons, deities, disowned and undeveloped personality structures, collective shadows and state shadows. All with the intention of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up as awakened, grownup, healthy human beings who can look from absolute clarity with deep selfless caring at everything arising in our experience. We have found that we need to add something in between the Growing Up and the Cleaning Up. That something we need to add is Fucking Up, because that is how we truly learn. If we have to play it safe, we are not free to make mistakes and learn from them. We are frozen in fear unable to grow, learn and awaken. Becoming completely still, absolutely silent and realizing the emptiness of self nature is the key to the gateless gate of the pure land where suffering ends and shadows are integrated into a living context. Come experience the whole spectrum of Shadows.

About Doshin Nelson:

Doshin Nelson Roshi started meditating and studying Zen in the late 1960’s, but without a good teacher, he was confused and discouraged by the obscurity of Zen teachings. It wasn’t until he met Zen Master Jun Po Kelly Roshi that the discipline and simplicity of Zen suddenly took root and began to penetrate the dense clouds of his stubborn conditioned mind, revealing the ordinary, openness of vast empty sky. Meeting Ken Wilber provided the Integral framework to Integrate form and emptiness.

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