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Latin America Evolving

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Presentation: Latin America Evolving

What is the evolutionary challenge of today’s Latin America?
What are the risks of this evolution?
As life conditions change, or our interpretation of them changes, adaptive pressure is emerging towards ways to address those conditions. The greater the structural complexity, the more evolved the value systems and the logic that we use to address that complexity need to be.
Latin America today is faced with this fragmentation. The various prevailing logics are against each other. The logic of preserving morality and rigid values is confronted with that of achievement, strategy, and competence, and also that of participation, sensitivity and relativism. They don’t fit in, they don’t have language to talk to each other. There are no bridges between one and the other.
The current challenge is to transcend these fragmented logics and to be able to access an integrating, flexible value system, connected with the purpose, that recognizes the lights and contributions of each value system and manages it in pursuit of the evolution of this territory.

About Pablo Reyes:

Director of ARCA Latam, a cultural design lab focused on political innovation in Latin America.
Founder of ÁUREA, a certified B Corp focused on Strategic Organizational Evolution.
Professor of Evolutionary Leadership, Integral Entrepreneurship and Organizational Culture in different Master programs at Adolfo Ibáñez University. Associate researcher at the Institute of Complex Systems of Valparaíso.
Co-author of the book “La Nueva Elite, the evolutionary cultural transition of Chile”

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