(Czech Republic)

Title of contribution:

Conscious Touch

Where & when:

 Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Workshop: Conscious Touch

Careful considered physical touch gives us the opportunity to bring back more awareness into our own physical being. Feeling our bodies well we can sense where its real boundaries are, what kind of physical touch we enjoy or which one we don’t. We recognize its warning signals earlier and can react accordingly.

Expanding our sensual knowledge and repertoire will benefit us greatly when we need or want to receive physical touch. It helps us to be more precise and confident in directing others who are getting in contact with us. With appropriate movement, intensity and timing our needs can be met better. The same is true if we found ourselves in the opposite position to give.

Together we will explore different ways of giving and receiving physical touch, what settings support intimacy and what intimacy actually means in a non-sexual environment. Our offering includes fun, simple and short exercises carried out by yourself alone, in pairs and groups. All exercises are suitable for any gender or age group.

About Mirka Papajiková:

Mirka Papajiková is a professional dancer, choreographer and lecturer with focus on conscious movement and self development through the human body.
She studied adult education and psychology at the Philosophical Faculty at Charles University Prague and became a frequent lecturer at the International Conference of Psychomotor Therapy in Labem.
Leading groups for more than 7 years she is supporting her students to develop a higher level of body awareness through physical interaction and movement.

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