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Title of contribution:

Shamanism in everyday life

Where & when:

Shamanic – Yurt

Sunday, May 31st, 12:30 – 13:30 

Presentation: Shamanism in every day life

Many believe that shamanism is a special, secret activity only a few can do. I feel that shamanism is something we use every day and noticing when and how to use it is important. My definition of shamanism is the ability to use non-physical energies and beings for guidance, learning and healing.

The purpose of this workshop is to offer useful tools to approach a project on all levels, including the shamanic. The levels I work with are: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical.

In the workshop:
We will discuss how to honor and relate to the spiritual/shamanic world.
There will be a guided meditation/journey about sitting in council with spirit guides.
You will create a Manifestation Shield to aid the realization of a project or experience.

Teaching method:
I am an experiential learner so I teach experientially. Be ready to participate.

A project that is approached from all levels, from the shamanic to the physical, comes to fruition in a stronger, more complete way.

About Paul Barlow:

Paul Barlow is a Cranio-Sacral and Polarity Therapist. His spiritual practice is based on Native American beliefs and Energy Theory. He has led ceremonies in his spiritual community for 20 years and has practiced and taught bodywork since 1998.

As his practice grew, Paul realized that the shamanic world was where the healing originated. As he embraced this spiritual reality, the more profound the healing for his clients.

Life is best lived on all levels: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical.

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