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Nondual Bodywork – Arrival to Here and Now

Where & when:

Toscana I.
Thursday, May 28th, 2020
15:30 – 18:00

Workshop: Nondual Bodywork – Arrival to Here and Now

In the beginning you realized you are not your body – although it needs to be healthy. Then it becomes clear, you are not your personality, either. Still, it needs to be healthy, too. Then what are you? If I take off all my clothes and roles, what’s left?
Who is experiencing exactly and what is experienced?
At a certain point it might be witnessing, not being involved, being aware and being outside: this is still only half way, it is duality. How can they all be ONE? How can the experience be experienced and witnessed at the same time, and even timeless in the moment?
This workshop helps to “zoom in” into the experience, feeling it totally and then “zoom out”, looking at it from outside, witnessing it, then connect these points of view.

About Nóra Pecsenka:

My name is Nóra Pecsenka and I am a psychologist, bodywork group leader and trainer, and yoga teacher.
My vocation is to support people, who are ready to live their life as who they really are. I experienced that after insight the personality degrades this focus change into an event or makes it even not happened. My highest contribution to such a precess is that I develop differentiational skills, in order to enable people to recognise what comes from the personality and what they really are.

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