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Nondual Bodywork – Arrival to Here and Now

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Workshop: Bodywork – Who am I within the ‘Global’?

This workshop supports you to find out who you are – in that regard, what personality itself cannot really conceive.
“What” and “who” I really am in the whole system, where is my “place”, what is my destiny – if there is any -,  from a higher perspective, from a global view. As part of the integral world, we can create and experience at the same time where we are now, what we perceive in the present moment and where we are facing to, raising together the global integral awareness.
You can find your place and role in that evolution.

About Nóra Pecsenka:

My name is Nóra Pecsenka and I am a psychologist, bodywork group leader and trainer, and yoga teacher.
My vocation is to support people, who are ready to live their life as who they really are. I experienced that after insight the personality degrades this focus change into an event or makes it even not happened. My highest contribution to such a precess is that I develop differentiational skills, in order to enable people to recognise what comes from the personality and what they really are.

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