PEKAR, Valerii


Title of contribution:

Integral Futurology: What Will Happen to the World

Where & when:

Sunday, May 31st, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Integral Futurology: What Will Happen to the World

The world is at a bifurcation point now, this is already universally recognized. But what is this point? What scenarios are foreseen after the fork? To understand this, we shall look at the whole history of mankind from the point of view of integral theory and see that similar forks had happened before repeatedly. And this will allow us to describe future scenarios and understand the trends that shape them.

About Pekar Valerii:

Entrepreneur, lecturer at business schools and schools of leadership, and public activist. Researcher of developmental models of human thinking, management and societies, author of a bestselling book on integral approach in management and organizational development “Multi-coloured Management” and numerous articles. Member of the National Reforms Council (2014-2016), adviser to the ministers of economics (2014-2016). Columnist for some media and author of blog “Ukraine: The European frontier”.

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