PEUKER, Gabriella


Title of contribution:

Spirals of connecting to ourselves and others

Where & when:

Ibiza I. (Circling)
Saturday, May 30th, 2020 

Workshop: Spirals of connecting to ourselves and others

In this workshop participants can create a spiral process of connecting to themselves and to others. We go through different levels of connectedness. Starting from the heart, going through body-and-heart to body-and-heart-and-spirit.
After an Overture, we start with an exercise for Opening the Space of Heart. In this exercise, one can find the whole process in a seed form. The next circle in the spiral is bodywork that aims to attain your Highest Self.
The circle of free dance meditation works with connections by rhythm, and movement. In this exercise, we are looking for opportunities to connect to ourselves and to others in a deeper level to experience joy. Participants are free to find connections either to their deeper self or to others – as they are inspired in the here and now.
The last part of the workshop is for raising awareness by a reflection from the heart.

About Gabriella Peuker:

Gabriella Peuker is an EMCC EIA accredited coach at Practitioner level, team coach, trainer, OD consultant. She has more than fifteen years of experience in working with groups and teams in business, in the field of SMEs and multinational companies. She has been ballroom dancing for 5 years that gives her deeper self-awareness and relationship management.

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