PRETSCH, Franziska Maria


Title of contribution:

Our Evolutionary Integral Garden

Where & when:

Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Our Evolutionary Integral Garden

Creating a reflective and highly co-creative vibrational Space, we map and retrieve our clients’ ongoing energies from their systems of origin and from current systems of belonging. We create a Garden Insight by asking the question during the Garden Constellation: “How can we see you in the Garden?”. We then study, integrate and charge the Space-holding garden with the Garden Insights, i.e. in the forms of the Garden Soul as a Fountain with words written at its base, swing seats for children being seen, white roses for retrieving miscarriages, or we restore evolutionary Creative Tension . We have already noticed plants growth reflecting their owners journeys. To date, our two most powerful designs are Unique Organizational Purpose Garden and Land of Origin and Land of Immigration community Parks: people are able to see, tune in and connect to the ongoing evolutionary energies of their systems of origin and current systems of belonging. Another service we provide is the Integral Garden Song by our lead facilitator and integral artist Franziska Maria Pretsch.

About Franziska Maria Pretsch:

I’m a qualified Social Worker, Philosopher, NLP Practitioner & Life Coach and Advanced Systemic Constellations Facilitator.
My passion is my work on integral health which includes our connections to our ancestors, as well as our connection to nature and life.
With integral gardens I want to enhance our energetic well being and health in our gardens and natural spaces and bring constellation work and nature together.
Thank you for the chance to present this work on a bigger scale in this world!

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