Pstrokońska Marysia


Title of contribution:

Surrendered Leadership Circling

Where & when:


Presentation: Surrendered Leadership Circling

All the Circling presenters (that have opted in) in one Circle with Sean Wilkinson and Andrew Venezia giving live commentary. Then, the whole group joins in.

About Pstrokońska Marysia:

Marysia is a senior leader with Circling Europe. She has studied various kinds of Bodywork, Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Coaching and is passionate about body wisdom and embodiment in relational practice.

Circling stole her heart so fully when she encountered it that she spent several years building a Circling practice community while working as a high school English teacher in London.

These days she spends a lot of time hanging out with trees and foraging in the forest near her home.

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