Xiao, Ran


Title of contribution:

Body-Mind Energy Integration Experiential Workshop

Where & when:

Thursday, May 28th, 2020
15:30 – 18:00 

Workshop: Body-Mind Energy Integration Experiential Workshop

My workshop is formed up by four sections as below:
1. Brief introduction of Body Mind Energy Integration Therapy.

2. Dorsum Psycho-diagnosis presentation
Analyze and detect the traumas by the dorsum characteristics of a visitor. Can tell the major facts including relationships in his/her family of origin as well as his/her emotional/behavioral patterns.

3. Spine-touch Hypnosis
Based on deep associations between personal developmental stages and specific spinal sections. This method can be used to hypnotize and bring the visitor back to his/her earlier life by touch typical sectors along the spine with compassion and LOVE.

4. Natural Qi Kong Group Practice
Audience’s focus is asked to be centered and guided to move regularly amongst selected body centers as well as acupoints combined with visualization so as to awake/recall the ever-present inner energy – Qi. And then let the Qi bring the body to natural dance or play Tai Chi when it starts to work or is felt.

About Ran Xiao:

Born in northern China. Started to learn traditional Chinese Medicine and cure patients as a teenager. Studied western medicine later. Realized that a patient’s attitude towards life as well as the patterns determine his/her physical and/or mental health in great extent after I cured thousands of them. By integrating family system therapy and hypnosis I created Body-mind Energy Integration Therapy addressing the physical, physiological and psychological dimensions of a visitor over 10 years ago.

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