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Tetra-Discourse: Activating the integral Heart

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PresentationTetra-Discourse: Activating the integral Heart

Tetra-Discourse is a form of collective voice dialogue. It is based on a pattern of fours which shows up in almost all philosophers at the construct-aware stage of ego development and eventually is the foundation for an absolute spirit or the fourth beyond body, life and mind that Aurobindo called the supra-mental. The discourse successively activates and integrates these four voices which ultimately are the four facets of our heart space. It takes care of not only transcending but also including its predecessors and thus creates a conscious and loving whole of our being as it – depending on the altitude of the participant and collective – reconstructs or explores our development from Expert, to Achiever, through Pluralist and Autonomous into Construct-Aware. The multiple voiced scheme in the background allows a dynamic shift between distinct aspects and lays bare what we missed out and what is still possible to explore. Moving through some of these voices of the tetra-discourse slowly makes the collective mind melt into the apprehension of its self-awareness and self-thematization within that larger whole which is spirit itself. The unique collective mind and heart-space than can set of to explore its relationship to itself, to its patterns and interpretations as well as towards its living essence and its sensuality within the being of its body.

About Roman Angerer:

Roman has a Masters-Degree in Theological Anthropology. As a child he wanted to become both an archeologist and an architect. For the last eight years he brought both of these interests together in a new form of discourseanalysis which centers around developmental ruptures in philosophers` life and architects out of the multiple voiced dialogue of these thinkers models with unprecedented scope and precision. Besides that he is leading we-space practice groups centered around higher consciousness

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