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Principles of Initiation: How facing Death welcomes Life

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Principles of Initiation: How facing Death welcomes Life

Since 2014, Eivind and his team have taken men from the whole world on fierce 3-month initiations into the unknown through the Reclaim your Inner Throne program.

Conceptualized as Underworld Journeys, these challenging and liberating experiences have served men across the world with genuine initiations, something few people thought was possible when the program was launched.
Because the training is hosted *online*.
Having spent close to six years hosting men’s initiations online, Eivind is known to have a unique talent for creating immersive online experiences, which mysteriously permeate the lives of participants in powerful ways they don’t quite understand, though nevertheless *feel*.
In this presentation, Eivind will make an attempt to bring a taste of this work to a 90-minute format, which is highly experimental, and therefore fun.
The context for the presentation is that COVID-19 has brought death closer to home, which has given us an unprecedented opportunity to work towards deeper wholeness & integration.
In his presentation, Eivind will start by introducing the principles of initiation, host some open conversations, and then go into breakouts to do some real work intended to facilitate your Wholeness & Integration.
You will shine a light on inner parts that you repress for outdated reasons, and perhaps even take a step towards reclaiming them, a process that can often feel like death and rebirth.
Eivind has never attempted to host a call like this before and is excited to explore this new format with you.

About Skjellum Eivind F.:

After setting up in 2009, a website where he analyzed movies through an archetypal-integral lens, Eivind unexpectedly found himself a leading voice in the area of men and masculinity.

In 2014, he founded Reclaim your Inner Throne, where he applied innovative methods of powerfully releasing people’s potentials, and watched it become a popular rite of passage for men internationally.

He joins us at the IEC to demonstrate what he’s learned.

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