Title of contribution:

Healing and Resilience of those Persecuted

Where & when:

Saturday, May 30th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30 

Presentation: Healing and Resilience of those Persecuted

When human rights defenders are threatened, we can learn the most from the people we serve. Learning courage and resilience from the most courageous and resilient people – from refugees who survived persecution and torture. Sharing the experience of working with people who suffered traumas, and sharing the experience of how it feels to be questioned and threatened by the authorities for supporting those who need the most support. A story of building successful strategies of survival.

About dr. Somogyvári Zoltán:

Zoltán Somogyvári is a human rights defender working at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. He has been helping asylum seekers and refugees since 2011 to get the safety they need and to be able to reunite with their loved ones. He is also a keen educator giving workshops and lectures to students about issues related to migration and integration. He is a keen cook in love with most of the cuisines of the world, his dahl is loved by his colleagues.

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