Stefanyi, Peter


Title of contribution:

Experimenting: Quantum Physics + Conscious Witness

Where & when:

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
09:00 – 10:30 

Workshop: Experimenting: Quantum Physics + Conscious Witness

We invite you to join in an ongoing research project! During an IEC2016 workshop, Diana Claire was inspired with the names for different kinds of witnesses: witnesses who deny, flee, freeze, fight, observe, and witnesses who see beyond polarized patterns of consciousness (now called the Conscious Witness). Many phenomenological experiments using Constellation Work have shown the impact of these witnesses on conflictual fields. When the Conscious Witness enters, the field shifts towards healing and transformation.
What if these results were tested using social experiments based on replication of quantum mechanical experiments — testing the hypothesis that the internal state of the witness/observer is making a difference to the outcome of the observed reality?
Our grand vision is to eventually provide trainings and manuals to show citizens statistical proof: how we witness events does have impact. Let’s all take responsibility for influencing events to be in the flow of Life + Love.

About Peter Stefanyi:

Peter Stefanyi, PhD., PCC
Originally a physicist looking for the Dark Matter of the Universe and studying quantum phenomena, Peter focused on the essence of outside reality. Now he is bringing to people the wonders of quantum world in an understandable fashion assisting the mind to gain new, broader perspectives and modes of operation.
Peter is author of multiple scientific articles, co-author of a book titled Dynamic Intelligence and a trainer of Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking courses worldwide

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