(Czech Republic)

Title of contribution:

Information as The Power of Integral – Workshop

Where & when:

Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30 

Presentation: Information as The Power of Integral – Workshop

In this workshop we will use the Colour Association Method (CAmethod) in team-like practice to comprehend selected controversial topics. We use discussion technique to map our thoughts and the CAmethod to get feedback on our subconscious attitudes towards few controversial phenomena. Certainly, it would provide us opportunity to explore the difference among mental and emotional information processing. For more information about the CAmethod check out complementary presentation and poster.

About Stverka Igor :

Igor is an integral coach, member of ECOIC – European Consortium of Integral Coaches. He holds university degree in technical cybernetics and MBA and is an internationally experienced digital transformation promoter. Igor is founder of Dolvea Innovation Ltd., a company focusing on the role of human factor in complex process industries like hospitals, manufacturing, but also NGOs and public services. He served also as a chairman of the Czech section of the Club of Budapest.

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