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Circling Relationship: Live Practice

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Ibiza I. (Circling) 

Presentation: Circling Relationship: Live Practice

The timeless depth of the other starts to light up, the bread crumb trail of their unique continuum of pure and gritty life experience is culminating here and now. It was hidden in plain sight all along. The pathways to their vulnerable heart become transparent. No other has walked that path.

Then comes the mirror. Unarguable plain-as-daylight or hall of mirrors like reflection opens up the source code of our personality – the boundaries we didn’t know we needed, lost children within, parts missed by words, hidden chasms of joy and bliss, kinks in our integrity, remembrances of innocence, dark parts, and keys to our gifts and deepest sense of meaning.

About John Thompson:

Co-founder and Trailblazer of Circling Europe, author of award-winning paper on Integral Tennis. Circling with John and being met by him is a gift for the brave. His magic power comes from seeing—with the power of his sharp blue eyes and the wisdom of intuition—deep into your heart’s most profound and sometimes scariest desires, those places hidden even from yourself. He will be there with you every step of the way with his gentle loving heart, good sense of humor and true compassion.

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