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Guided Psychedelic Journeys for Personal Growth

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Projekt: Guided Psychedelic Journeys for Personal Growth

Guided Tripping was only officially started in 2018. At the time of writing, there are 5 guides employed there. We specialize in legal 1-day, 1-on-1 psychedelic experiences aimed at personal growth. Since all Guides have a background in Circling, it could be said we Circle people while they’re on mind- and heart-altering drugs. This modality has great potential, but also brings with it great responsibility. In this presentation you’ll hear what success factors can be deduced from the hundreds of experiences we have guided. We’ll also go into risks, which interestingly enough are not the feared ‘bad trips’, but usually more to do with an inability to value the experience for what it is (due to it not matching the hyped expectations/projections), and an inability to integrate the experience into daily life. We’re looking forward to sharing our two cents to help you navigate this expansive field.

About Van Groen Miriam:

After teaching for years, I burnt out. Since then my life has been very rich. The main things holding me back from being happy, feeling connected and expressing myself fully were lack of self-compassion and trust in life. I was able to shift that by integrating what I had learned through e.g. Circling. I continue to be touched by people’s courageous exploration of these practices. These days, I mainly guide people intending to use psychedelic experiences for their stage development.

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